Donor Strip

I finally managed to start the breaking down of the donor vehicle just over a month after getting it. After building a shed to put the bikes into so they were out of the garage, moving some other junk into the shed and painting the garage floor in preparation I was finally ready. I know I may have done that all in the wrong order, but Sierras are becoming so rare now that when one came up on ebay I had to take the plunge and get it while available.

The first thing to do was strip out all the easily accessable items and the parts we were are going to need for the Fury. The dash, steering column, seats etc were all removed to make access easier but also to let my boys get stuck into stripping down the car and a feeling of being involved in the process.

Rear brakes, Differential and Gearbox

With the donor now up on axle stands I managed to get round to removing the larger items, differential, drive shafts, rear brake drums and fuel tank. Next up will be the engine and gearbox

Engine and Gearbox

Next up was the removal of the engine and gearbox with the help of my eldest. I borrowed an engine host from Warren, the Zetec guru and removed both as a complete unit. Unfortunately, with the car up on axle stand there wasn't enough clearance between the garage door and the hoist to remove these easily, so in the end I had to drop the front of the car down bit by bit to give enough clearance.

Donor disposal

With most of the major components now removed I could dispose of the body shell as this was just taking up valuable space. Seeing as all the running gear was now removed I had to drop the body down onto a dolly trolley I had made, push it out onto the driveway and prop it up on bricks until the scrap man came to remove it. I called my local scrap dealer who would take the body shell away and trade it in as scrap metal without any charge to me. Before it was collected I removed the VIN plate from the Slam panel and also cut out the VIN plate that is located in the meatl work down by the drivers seat. This stops the vehicle details being reused or registered as scrapped before I had used it and registered it as my donor vehicle. I have kept the V5 document and the vehicle SORN so it should make it easier when I come to register the Fury.
I see if there wass any calling for parts like the doors and glass etc on ebay but from those that were on there it didn't seem like there was much interest so I didn't bother stripping these off.