The first thing to do is remove the speedo cable, reverse light plug and then disconnect the propshaft and clutch cable assembly. Removal of the gear lever from inside of the car is also essential to allow the gearbox to come out when coupled to the CVH engine. This requires the removal of the gearknob by unscrewing it, pulling back the rubber gaiter from around the base of the gear lever and then removing the three torxdrive bolts holding the lever in. The lever should then just pull out leaving the opening which is best to cover up during the removal process so dirt and loose bits don't fall in and foul up the mechanism.

I will also be using the differential out of the Sierra which is the 7 inch casing, push in drive shaft version with the 3.92 ratio gearing acording to the information found here. The indications on the VIN plate show the Axle as type 'D'.

After realising that I wasn't going to have enough clearance to remove the engine and gearbox from the sierra without the engine hoist hitting the garage door I jacked the rear of the Sierra up and dropped the front so I had enough clearance with the garage door to remove them as a complete unit. The next job was to take the gearbox and bell housing off of the CVH engine. Unbolting the bellhousing was easy enough but releasing the clutch lever and release bearing was a bit fiddly but achieved eventually.

The next job was to clean up the gearbox removing the years of grease and grime, flaky paint and corrosion. Once cleaned up I removed the top cover and inspected the inside to see if everything was ok in there. Thankfully it all looks good with very little signs of wear on the gears so hopefully it should be fine once installed in the Fury.

Once inspected and deemed ok for use I set about making them look a bit tidier and protecting them from corrosion by giving them a coat of paint with Hamerite, the only tool for the job really.

These are all wrapped up in plastic now with some Silica Gel to try and prevent too much moisture getting into them over the coming months while I continue to prep the rest of the parts I need and save up again for the chassis kit.

With the chopped down sump now fitted to the engine it was time to fit the gearbox to the bellhousing, install the release bearing and get this fitted to the engine.

In preparation for the gearbox fit, I had previously fitted the dust-plate I had made to cover the openings in the bellhousing, the lighter 1.8ltr Escort Fly-wheel and the smaller 1.8ltr Mondeo clutch. Another item needed is to fit a spigot bearing (Part Number FP347) into the end of the Crank which supports the input shaft of the gearbox. This can be purchased from Burton Power for about £5 or your local Ford dealer but my local one wanted £10 for this!